TELUS PureFibre Gigabyte Internet

TELUS PureFibre Internet is specifically designed to give you speed. With 37x faster internet speed than many other Internet Service Providers, we consistently believe in giving improved speeds and bandwidths so you are never short on loading a web page. 

With download speed up to 1500 Mbps and upload speed up to 948 Mbps, it will be a smooth browsing experience for Video calls, chats and all your social medias


TELUS Home Internet

We have covered TELUS Internet across Canada. To understand which High Speed plans are available in your area, connect with us to know more! 

  • A direct 100% Fibre Optics Cable reaching your house unlike others!

  • This give you super fast connections without interruptions


  • The connection is more stable

  • Your internet plan is not shared with other homes to give you the speed even during peak hours.


Why TELUS Internet 

With advance technological adaptions and top end investments in Fibre Optics, TELUS Internet is the Fastest in Canada. TELUS Wi-Fi Hub and Boost Wi-Fi are devices that will cover wall-to-wall of your house. 


Boost Wi-Fi Coverage

Mesh Network is one of the ways to get the best network all across your house!


Speeds like Never Before!

No more buffering even when multiple devices are connected! 


Family Time

TELUS Wi-Fi App gives complete control of your Wi-Fi in your Hands!


Install in just 24 Hours

Time is of the essence and we understand your urgency so the installation happens fast


30 Days Money Back!

We believe in our network so strongly, so if you don't enjoy we refund you in 30 days


24 Hours Support

With so much work shifting from home, we provide 24 hours Technical assisstance.

Understand Data Usage

We are always online and we are continuously doing activity like downloading, watching our favorite shows in 4k or full HD, social media and so much more. Do you know how much data is being consumed every time you stream? 

Select TELUS Unlimited Data plans so you don't have to keep a watch on your usage!

Watching Netflix in 4k / UHD 

3 - 7 GB per Hour

Streaming YouTube in Full HD

2 - 5  GB Per Hour

Social Media

4 - 5 GB in a Day

Video Conferencing

200 MB Per Hour

Streaming Audio

100 MB Per Hour



5G or the Fifth Generation of Telecommunication Technology is on the way and we are the pioneers in getting that for you. 5G will transform lot of lives with its super fast internet speeds and ease of doing work from any part of Canada. 


Advantages of 5G


Super Speed

Currently TELUS 5G will be able to provide a theoretical speed of up to 1.7 Gbps


Incredible Capacity

It is expected to cater 1 million devices per square kilometer without speed disruptions


Extreme Responsiveness

5G will be able to bring the Smart Cities, Autonomous Cards and more at Speed!

Network Coverage

TELUS 5G is currently available in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton and more. We are growing our Network coverage at a very fast pace for you to take the maximum advantage of the latest tech. 

You can keep checking the coverage of TELUS 5G from here!